James Wyatt Crosby

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Indie Rock
James Wyatt Crosby - Watcher


  1. Watcher -:-- / 5:46

For “Watcher” I was trying to write a song from the perspective of a faraway island. I live on the water and there’s a group of islands called “The Watchers” that sit on the horizon, so that was the initial inspiration. A few years ago I boated out to these islands and they were so empty and desolate and I wanted to write a song from that kind of detached, isolated perspective. The idea is that this island watches as people far away grow up and change and ultimately fade away, but the whole time it’s just kind of sitting there watching. So that’s one element of the song, where the verses are from the island perspective, but the other more chorus-y bits are more from a sentimental human perspective. The person/narrator is overcome by emotion, haunted by memories and that kind of thing. I wanted to write something that explored the relationship between the indifference of nature versus the emotional aspects of being a human. There’s also an underlying element of loneliness in this track and another interpretation could be the idea of a “Watcher” as being a lonely voyeur-type figure. Someone mysterious and far away that silently waits and patiently watches day after day. –jwc