Shadow of a Ghost

James Wyatt Crosby

Record Details

Dreampop / Chillwave
James Wyatt Crosby - Shadow of a Ghost


  1. Shadow of a Ghost -:-- / 3:40

“Shadow of a Ghost” is a summery indie-pop tune that is based around a series of sweetly nostalgic synth chords, a distinctive animated bass line and a simple lo-fi drum beat. The solemn and introspective verses bloom into longing, euphoric choruses which feature luscious layers of indie-inspired guitar textures, live drums and lush vocal harmonies. This song is perfect for night time driving, long beach walks or quiet headphone introspection.

This song was written during a time when it seemed like the fabric of reality was coming apart at the seams right in front of me. Life can be so beautiful but also so painful and disturbing and this song speaks about the way that loss and grief can change the way that you perceive yourself and the world around you. This song allowed me to move through some challenging times. –jwc