Lemonade (No I Never)

James Wyatt Crosby

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Alternative > Indie Pop
James Wyatt Crosby - Lemonade (No I Never)


  1. Lemonade (No I Never) -:-- / 4:30

“Lemonade (No I Never)” is James Wyatt Crosby‘s first new single since his debut album Twins released in 2017. The Toronto-based musician has taken the best elements of his melody-driven alternative indie pop and crafted a dreamy, dance-inspired track that’s dripping wet with 80s nostalgia.

The song’s lyrics paint a picture of a bittersweet love affair while sun-soaked piano loops, slinky guitar lines and bombastic drum machines create an atmosphere of wistful emotions. Glassy pianos lifted from cheesy daytime TV shows are repurposed and made stylish, and spacey synthetic textures mixed with warm bass tones swirl in the listener’s ears and evoke images of endless echoing kaleidescopic dreamworlds.

With its funky guitars and glo-fi production approach, “Lemonade” is hypnagogic homespun pop at its finest and serves as evidence for the controversial idea that the 80s never really ended.

Written and performed by James Wyatt Crosby
Produced by James Wyatt Crosby and moon:and:6
©&℗2018 James Wyatt Crosby/Maisonneuve Music