Is There a Reason?

James Wyatt Crosby

Record Details

Dreampop / Chillwave
James Wyatt Crosby - Is There a Reason


  1. Is There a Reason? -:-- / 3:15

“Is There a Reason?” is a dreamy summertime track with infectiously catchy guitar lines, warm analog synth undercurrents, bouncing bass and loads of sonic easter eggs. The song is simultaneously uplifting and dark as themes of desire, nostalgia and regret are explored by the song’s dreamy narrator. A song that is literally years in the making, it is a perfectly crafted piece of bedroom pop.

I started writing “Is There a Reason?” in 2015 but somehow I didn’t finish it until recently. My newer songs feel like sad songs written by a sad guy, whereas “Is There a Reason?” feels like a sad song written by a happy guy. Sometimes it’s nice to let a song ferment and develop and then revisit it with a new perspective later. This song has some really hooky parts and it’s one of my personal favourites from my unreleased catalog. It’s been fun to play it live and re-explore whoever I was when I wrote it back in 2015. To me it feels like a summer jam and I hope people love it as much as I do. –jwc