Happy Memories

James Wyatt Crosby

Record Details

Indie Rock
James Wyatt Crosby - Happy Memories


  1. Same Dream Every Night -:-- / 6:11
  2. Ashamed -:-- / 2:32
  3. For the Last Time -:-- / 2:20
  4. Golden Eyes (Rain and Light) -:-- / 2:52
  5. Something Missing -:-- / 4:24
  6. Watcher -:-- / 5:46
  7. Happy Memories -:-- / 3:41
  8. I Survived to Love You (Bonus Track) -:-- / 1:42

This album was written over a years-long period and these songs did not come easy for me. But as I moved from place to place, they followed me, haunted me and I developed an almost unhealthy desire to bring them into existence. Most of the songs were recorded in total seclusion at a lakeside cabin during the off-season. It was isolating, it was lonely but I chose it. I chose to put so many other important aspects of my life on hold to work on these songs. To me, making this album was trekking through the snow to the studio and sitting alone for hours in the cold, making version after version, day after day. Sometimes the songs gave me purpose, while other times they were a burden, so close to being complete but innately flawed. And so I worked on them through the seasons, years went by and eventually they reached a kind of equilibrium. It was a battle with myself between trying to do my best while conversely trying to accept myself. Maybe a guitar was out of tune in one song, maybe my voice cracks a little bit in another, but I learned to love the songs because of their imperfections, not in spite of them. The line “I long to be just how I am/In my dreams I know I can” from the album’s first track Same Dream Every Night might come off as an overly sentimental lyric, but that line acted as a kind of mantra throughout the album’s writing process. That little idea helped me to finish the album, to cheer myself on and keep my musical dreams afloat in spite of previous failures, in spite of how lonely and isolating things can get when you commit to something wholeheartedly and it turns out differently than you’d first imagined. Happy Memories can be seen as a collection of sad songs with an ironic title on the surface, but to me it is a triumph over my own feelings of inadequacy. I’m proud of these songs because they pulled me through so much, they gave me something to yearn for, they became a dream that brought me back to myself. –jwc