For the Last Time

James Wyatt Crosby

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Indie Rock
James Wyatt Crosby - For the Last Time


  1. For the Last Time -:-- / 2:20

“For the Last Time” is sort of a meditation on break ups. When I initially wrote it, a few people close to me were getting out of relationships and I feel like I vacuumed up a bunch of those experiences and turned them into a song. There’s the physical element to a break up where you have to separate your belongings and part ways. And then there’s the emotional part after the initial separation where you’re alone again you might wonder whether you’d have been better off not knowing each other in the first place. Later there’s a kind of long-term existential malaise of feeling like you just want to leave the whole mess behind you. There’s a longing for some kind of finality but you’re not really able to control when it ends. Kind of like when you try to quit something addictive and you say “This is the last time!” and you inevitably fail and then say, “Okay, no really THIS is the last time!” –jwc