James Wyatt Crosby

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Indie Rock
James Wyatt Crosby - Ashamed


  1. Ashamed -:-- / 2:34

This song kind of wrote itself; I had the melody idea and the words and concepts just fit really nicely into the music. It all came together quite quickly. I like how it’s a bit vague, I’m a sucker for vague songs because the listener gets to write their own story with the ideas. I’m lyrically playing with this idea of being ashamed, not for doing anything specific, but rather, feeling bad for not doing anything. I guess you could say it’s a song about laziness and inaction. You know, like, there’s all this pressure to achieve your dreams or to build a life, to make something of yourself, but this song is about just letting those opportunities slip by. There’s also this other notion that we should be ashamed, but we’re not actually and we just carrying on in a kind of lazy detached way regardless. I think there’s a kind of dark nostalgia happening under the surface too, but that’s my own interpretation. We made a music video after the song was done and it made me realize there are so many different ways you could interpret it (relationship, friendship, career, environment). You can be ashamed about practically anything! –jwc